TabSort Extension

for Safari Web Browser

You've got a million tabs. It would be nice if all tabs from the same site were next to each other.

Install (Safari)

This Safari extension adds a button which sorts your browser tabs in order of website URL. Pages from the same site are sorted together, subdomains from a site are grouped together, and if there are more than 2 tabs from the same site, they are separated into their own window.
This is good if you want all your Google/Bing searches in separate windows, and all Apple/MSDN docs in their own windows. This makes it easy to close all tabs from a site at once, since they are all in one window.

How to use it: Install it in Safari browser by clicking the blue button in the top section of this page that says "Install (Safari)". Once it's installed, click the button with this icon on it: The tooltip is "Sort Tabs." That will sort your tabs by hierarchical domain order, then url path order, and finally title.

You can also install it from Apple's Safari Extension Gallery

Andrew Denyes, Diatomic Software LLC

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File: TabSorter.safariextz
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